Valentine Science

Valentine’s Day Science

Explore these fun ways to bring science into the holiday.

Sometimes two people just have a certain “chemistry” in their relationship… what better time to explore the chemistry behind love than Valentine’s Day? Okay, so Steve Spangler doesn’t really have a special formula for the science of relationships, but he does have some fun experiments to help celebrate the holiday and even a little love potion!

Take a peek at some of the fun ways Steve celebrates Valentine’s science with an entire class of kids here.

Experiment Materials

  • Energy Stick
  • Baby Soda Bottles
  • True Color Mixing Tablets
  • Jelly Marbles
  • Fortune Telling Fish
  • Candy
  • Pilot FriXion brand pen
  • Ammonia (can be found in cleaning products such as glass cleaner) or washing soda

Experiment Videos



Make Jewelry

This one of a kind jewelry will reveal more than just your love when you take it into the UV rays of the sun.


Test a Human Connection

Generally, the Energy stick helps children to visualize circuits… but for Valentine’s Day, use the Energy Stick to show the “Electricity” of love! Connect a few kids, or an entire classroom with this great hands-on activity.


Scientific Test Tube Valentines

It’s time to share a little science along with your heartfelt sentiments this Valentine’s Day. You can give a thoughtful, creative, and very unique Valentine to everyone on your list this year. It’s one that your friends will remember and learn from long after the party is over, too.


Perform a Palm Reading

The Fortune Telling Fish are an easy and inexpensive way for children to do a hands-on experiment with the cut-out of the fish. Just place the mystical, red Fortune Telling Fish on the palm of your hand and watch what happens! It begins to curl up or wiggle off your hand, all by itself! What does it mean? Just look on the back of the special envelope to find out. Are you independent, jealous, passionate, fickle? Are you in love? What does the Fortune Telling Fish have to say about you?


Create Magical Flowers

Magically turn a white flower to pink with a spray from a color-changing liquid. It’s colorful chemistry at its finest. The chemistry behind these magnificent flowers will boggle your mind and create stunning visuals that will have you wanting to repeat this simple process all day.


Create a Unique Bouquet of Colorful Carnations

With this experiment, you can discover for yourself how essential the functions of stems are to plant growth. As the colored water is absorbed, you will be able to see how it moves into the flower and will be amazed when the petals of a white carnation change color.


Make Love Appear

Write a secret love message or even place a picture under a clear dish filled with these hydrated spheres. Then let that special someone add water to the dish to de-code the message!

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