Spangler Salutes Stephan Graham

Our week of Mad About Science teachers comes to an end.

Our week of Mad About Science teachers comes to an end with a salute to Stephan Graham, science teacher at Arrupe Jesuit High School in Denver. This school is unique in that the students work one day a week in corporate jobs to subsidize about 75% of the school’s tuition. The second requirement for admission is based on the parents’ income level which much be at or below the poverty line. Stephan Graham doesn’t teach just science… he gives students the tools and skills needed to make informed decisions in the future. 9NEWS salutes Stephan Graham as a Mad About Science teacher who is making a difference.


Stephan Graham shared this perspective about teaching science with Steve Spangler… “I have been working at Arrupe since it first opened three years ago. As a former engineer, I attempt to fit real-world examples into the science lessons that I design. The spark-plug demo is just one such example. Like most teachers you meet, I look to have a discovery, hands-on flavor to each lesson. Moreover, I reach to other subject areas to show students the link between these fields and science.”

“I am here to work with inner-city kids and do two things. 1. Make them scientifically literate so that they might be able to form intelligent opinions about such issues as space travel to Mars and new technical materials that are used in everything from rackets to prosthetic devices. 2. Increase the number of kids of color entering the fields of math, science and engineering. Period.”

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