Smoking Pumpkins

Smoking Pumpkins – Halloween Science

Halloween is the perfect time for oozing, bubbling, eye-catching science! If you love to perform science demonstrations, Halloween is a wonderful excuse to fill the cooler with dry ice and get ready for a day filled with “ooze” and ahhhs! Great Halloween Science!

Experiment Materials

  • Carved Pumpkin
  • Dry Ice (can be found at local grocery store)
  • Water
  • Dawn® Dish Soap
  • Adult Supervision

Experiment Videos


Smoking Pumpkins


Carve a pumpkin.

Smoking Pumpkins


Pour water into the pumpkin.

Smoking Pumpkins


NOTE: Before handling any dry ice, put on a pair of heavy gloves. Dry ice is so cold (-110ºF/-78ºC) that it will burn your skin!


With adult supervision, carefully place the dry ice into the pumpkin and watch as the smoke begins to come out of the pumpkins face.

Smoking Pumpkins


Add in some Dawn Dish soap and see it bubble up! 

Safety Information

NOTE: Whenever you use dry ice, always be aware of the rules for handling it safely.

  • This is not a toy. It’s for demonstration purposes only.
  • Use dry ice only with adult supervision.
  • Dry ice must be handled using heavy gloves or tongs. It will cause severe burns if it comes in contact with bare or unprotected skin.
  • Always wear safety goggles when handling dry ice. The debris and shards are extremely dangerous to your eyes. When tapping dry ice with a hammer, first cover it with a towel to keep the pieces in one place.
  • Never put dry ice in your mouth.
  • Never store dry ice in an airtight container. As the dry ice sublimates, gas pressure will build and the container will explode. Make sure your container is ventilated or has a loose-fitting lid.
  • Do not store dry ice in your freezer. It will cause your freezer to become too cold and the freezer may shut off. On the other hand, if you lose power for an extended period, dry ice is a good way to keep things cold if you can get it.
  • In the unlikely event of a dry ice burn, treat it the same as you would a heat burn. See a doctor if the skin blisters or comes off. Apply antibiotic ointment to prevent infection and bandage mild burns.
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