Smart Toys Make Amazing Gift Ideas

These are the best smart toys and hands-on science gifts around!

Steve’s inbox was stuffed with questions on Cyber Monday about his top picks for toys. Picking the right toy needs to follow certain criteria. Just because a toy is deemed educational doesn’t mean that it’s fun. It takes a certain skill to create a toy that combines a cool factor with just the perfect amount of learning. You know that a toy is a real winner when kids can hardly wait to show it to a friend.

The category of science toys continues to grow and flourish because kids are naturally inquisitive and want to learn the “secret” behind the gee-whiz. That’s why it’s hard to beat a good chemistry set or any interactive toy that gives kids the opportunity to explore and learn… and have loads of fun at the same time.


Big Bag of Science

This incredible kit is much more than a bag of experiments,

Geyser Rocket Car

We can’t think of any young scientists who don’t love eruptions, cars, and making a mess.

Steve Spangler Book Set

Get your kids something that isn’t just a fun science gift for them, but a hands-on science experience the whole family can enjoy.

Fun Fly Stick Science Kit

Give the gift of magic this holiday season with the Fun Fly Stick Science Kit.

Zero Blaster – Smoke Ring Launcher

Blast away at any target with the Zero Blaster, a vapor ring-launcher that fires smoke rings up to 12 feet.

7 in 1 Solar Transformers Kit

Experience renewable energy and motorized fun in one smart gift idea.

TK2 Microscope and Biology Kit

The TK2 Microscope and Biology Kit is the perfect science gift idea for kids who love guided exploration.

Instant Snow Day

Make your holidays white with snow, regardless of where you are!

Chemistry Kit – CHEM C1000

Remember the first time you got a science kit for the holidays?

Larry’s Lab – Polymer Science Kit

Just when you think you’re done with Larry’s Lab, this science gift has even more for you to do!

Salt Water Monster Truck

Take your gift ideas off the beaten path with this off-road monster.

Fish in a Jiff

If you’re having trouble finding a great gift for a young biologist, try the Fish in a Jiff.

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