Spangler Salutes Robert Croft

Imagine having a science teacher who launches potatoes and more.

Imagine having a science teacher who launches potatoes thelength of a football field, creates Frankenstein-like bolts ofelectricity and teaches his class how to make soda bottle rockets.That’s what the 6th grade students at Broomfield Heights MiddleSchool look forward to when they step into Mr. Croft’s class.Robert Croft takes a hands-on/minds-on approach to his teachingthat inspires students to think differently and approach problemswith a creative mind set.


We learned about Mr. Croft from a nomination that we received from one of his students. Brenna writes, “Mr. Croft is an awesome science teacher… he does fun experiments and really cares about his students getting into science. He doesn’t have us just read out of textbooks. Instead, he actually does cool experiments to show us how things work. He also makes sure we know about how to stay healthy and what things can affect our health.”

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