Spangler Salutes Pam Sanders

Steve Spangler is joined by students at Superior Elementary.

Steve Spangler is joined by students from Pam Sanders' class at Superior Elementary in Louisville, Colorado. These kids really know how to make science fun using experiments from the science page. These experiments are easy to do at home, and kids love them.


You can find each of the experiments performed by the students by clicking on the links below:

School Spear-It! The Leak-Proof Bag

Color-Changing Goldenrod Paper

Singing Glasses

Additional Info

Pam Sanders – A Teacher Who Makes Science Fun!

An instructor at Superior Elementary School in Superior, Colorado, Pamela Sanders has dedicated the last eight years to expanding the role of science at her school. By consulting a diverse group of fellow teachers and scientists, Ms. Sanders has helped developed science curricula in her district while supporting science fairs and other programs. Seeing the impact of her hard work on students serves as her constant inspiration. “I became a teacher because I wanted to make a difference,” she said. “I became a better teacher when I saw that I did.”

Pam Sanders is the recipient of the Amgen Excellence in Science Teaching Award. The Amgen Corporation recognizes extraordinary teaching contributions and performance by educators in our communities through their excellence award.

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