Spangler Salutes Missy Marchino

Exploding pumpkins and igniting flash paper.

It’s not often that your high school science teacher insiststhat you practice your exploding pumpkin experiment or master thefine art of igniting flash paper. Ms. Marchino is a walkingencyclopedia of cool science demonstrations and hands-on activitiesthat make students want to learn more. 9NEWS Science Guy SteveSpangler salutes Missy Marchino from Arapahoe High School for herpassion and enthusiasm for teaching science.


As a teacher of nine years in the Littleton Public Schools, Missy Marchino loves to create a desire to learn more in the hearts and minds of her students. “My goal is to ignite an interest and hopefully a passion in science by demonstrations and hands on activities. I love to find ways to demonstrate difficult science concepts so it is easier for my students to understand. Science is so relevant to life and I love to show students how to live on the edge with science.”

You can contact Missy Marchino at [email protected]

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