Spangler Salutes Michele King

Our salute to teachers who are Mad About Science continues

Our salute to teachers who are Mad About Science continues with a trip to the Lotus School for Excellence, a charter school in the Aurora Public Schools. Ms. Michele King has a unique perspective on teaching science, since changing careers from a professional research scientist to a middle school science teacher. We received a Mad About Science nomination from several of her current students who praise Ms. King for making learning fun. 9NEWS salutes Michele King as a Mad About Science teacher.


When asked about her passion for teaching, here’s what Michele King shared with Steve Spangler… “Prior to becoming a full-time teacher, I have had the opportunity to work at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, CO as a Method Development/Research Scientist, as well as an International Pharmaceutical Company as an Analytical Chemist, and a Hospital Trauma Center Laboratory.”

“However, I got my first taste of teaching as a Graduate Assistant in the graduate Chemistry Department at Southwest Missouri State University in Springfield, Missouri. I found my love for education about 8 years ago when I began teaching college-level Chemistry and Physics courses. I became a firm believer in the “hands-on” approach to instructing the hard sciences. Because that’s exactly what they are to most people…”HARD” sciences. But with the right approach, the sciences don’t necessarily need to be difficult. They are FUN!!! Bottom line—I have found my calling in life as a science teacher.”

“There is no greater sense of fulfillment than opening a young mind. And in that magical moment when the students ‘get it,’ you know why you became a teacher. I find the more creative I can make the sciences for young minds the greater the chances that students will investigate scientific careers. It is my goal to be a springboard for my students—the next Nobel prize winners for the year 2025. Just remember the little people when they are accepting the award.”

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