Spangler Salutes Kathy Searle

Kathy Searle teaches science at Campus Middle School

Kathy Searle teaches science at Campus Middle School in the Cherry Creek School District and she’s known for her candy science labs. Her kids literally “eat up” her experiments which include modeling a neuron using licorice and fruit roll-ups, using gummy bears to teach density, demonstrating plate tectonics with candy bars, and using candy to show what blood is made of… and that’s just the beginning.


Using red hots, corn syrup, marshmallows, and candy sprinkles, the kids mix up a beaker of red goo that helps them understand the components of blood, including red blood cells, plasma and platelets. Just don’t blame us for any cavities!

When we asked Kathy about her secrets for getting kids excited about science she said, “The best way I know to interest kids in science is to be excited about it myself and always find a way to relate it to the real world. My secret to making science fun is to make it memorable. If kids experience science using their senses, they remember it. In other words, I always teach in a way that kids can touch, see, or even taste the science. I love teaching science and can’t imagine a better job in the world.”

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