Spangler Salutes Justin McMillan

Justin McMillan teaches science at Thimmig K-8.

Justin McMillan teaches science at Thimmig K-8 in the Brighton School District. His colleagues tell us that Mr. McMillan teaches not only science but also discipline, courtesy, respect and dedication for the values of learning. But Mr. McMillan is especially well-known for his electrifying pickle trick.


Justin showed us three demonstration stations where his students were making some Non-Newtonian Ooze, another where they switched on a Van der Graaf generator that caused their hair to stand on end, and, finally, one featuring that crazy pickle thing.

In this experiment, Mr. McMillan’s students are able to see what happens when electricity is passed through a pickle. They see light glowing and make the connection between electrical energy and light energy given off by the salt solution inside. Thanks to all the students and staff at Thimmig for getting our “Mad About Science” segments off to a great start!

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