Julie Gintzler – Sub-Zero Science

Traveling science program gets kids excited about science.

After twenty years as a teacher, Julie Gintzler left her classroom of 23 children and created a program designed to get students and teachers excited about science. The program is called Sub-Zero Science and it’s touring Colorado elementary schools during the 2010/2011 school year. The assembly-style program is filled with eye-catching experiments and hands-on demonstrations that explore the states of matter and changes in extreme temperature.


During her appearance on the 9News 4 O’Clock Show, Julie talked about her passion for wanting to make science a priority in the classroom.

“One of the things that I discovered over the last 22 years in the classroom is that teachers want to do more science but we just don’t have the time to do it because of all of the mandates that are being placed on us. So the goal of this program is not only to get the kids excited about science but to also show teachers some creative ways to integrate more science into their daily curriculum.”

While Julie’s enthusiasm is evident in everything she does, there’s a serious side to all of this fun.

“Science isn’t an extra-curricular activity… it’s something we need to expose our kids to all of the time. And if we don’t make some changes in our classrooms, yet another generation is going to lose out on rewarding careers as scientists.”

School is just about out, but this is the time of year that schools are scheduling programs for next year. If you want more information about Julie’s science assembly program for your school next year, check out Sub-Zero Science.

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