Amazing Projects at Harris Park

Steve Spangler discovered a science gold mine.

In his constant search for amazing kids, Steve Spangler discovered a gold mine of talent at Harris Park Elementary in Westminster, Colorado. The students showcased projects ranging from the phases of the moon to forensic fingerprinting and electrical circuits. There were even biology projects uncovering the presence of plant starch and the effect of toxins on a cow heart. These kids were amazing!


Clint created an electrical circuit board that demonstrated the conductivity of different materials. He learned that he actually needed a bigger battery!

Maria showed that you can find starch in a flower by using simple household materials.

Jessica shared her findings about a cow’s heart and toxins. As everyone will attest, sometimes science stinks!

Jordan and Briana are displaying the phases of the moon in the picture to the right. Each night the two young scientists gathered data and brilliantly displayed their findings in this model.

Jordan, our in-house detective, shared a way to catch the local thief’s fingerprints using baking cocoa.

Britt Travis coordinated the successful science fair and attributes the wonderful participation and interest in science to the Harris Park staff and parents who truly care about quality education. For additional information on this science fair, please email Britt Travis at [email protected]

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