Halloween Sounds | Screaming Cup Science Experiment

You've never heard a sound quite like this from an ordinary cup!

You’ve never heard a sound quite like this coming out of an ordinary cup! It’s the perfect sound effect to carry door-to-door on your Trick or Treat adventure.

Experiment Materials

  • Large plastic cup
  • Piece of string (24")
  • Water
  • Violin rosin (optional)

The Screaming Cup Ghost Scream Sound Effect Instructions

•Poke a hole in the bottom of the cup, just large enough to thread the piece of string.

•Thread the string through the hole and then tie a knot or two at the end of the string to hold the string in place.

•Wet the string or coat the string with violin rosin.

•Hold the cup in one hand and then pinch the string between your thumb and forefinger. Squeeze tightly on the string as you slide your thumb and forefinger down the string. With practice and a little patience, the string will “stick and slide” between your fingers causing a “screaming” sound. Oh, you’ll know when you’ve got it down to a science!

How Does It Work

How Does It Work?

Sound is transmitted through the air by vibrations. As your fingers slide across the string, vibrations occur. The violin rosin makes the string stickier and increases the “stick and slide” effect. The vibrations caused by “stick and slide” cause the cup to vibrate, which results in the amplification of sound. In other words, the cup produces an incredibly scary shriek and a scary screaming sound effect that will give you a tingle down your spine. Try different-shaped cups and determine what this change does to the screaming sound produced.


Take It Further

Other “Spook”-Tacular Screaming Sounds

Looking for some other Halloween sounds? We’ve got your scream sounds and scary screaming sound effects covered with our fun science sound experiments. Whether you’re looking for learning opportunities about air and sound vibrations or looking for scary experiments for home or the classroom, Steve Spangler Science has your Halloween screams covered. Check out these other scary ghost scream sound effects that you can create at home.

Science Fair Connection

Halloween Sounds: The Screaming Cup Experiment

It’s definitely going to be a Howl-O-Ween to remember when you perform our Screaming Cup Halloween science activity. You’ve never heard a scary shriek quite like this from an ordinary cup. It’s easy to create a creepy Halloween scream with this scary experiment that’s easy to do and requires only a couple items. At Steve Spangler Science, it’s real science and real fun. Halloween is the best time to utilize some super scientific principles to create Halloween screaming sounds that will put your party way ahead of the “carve!”

This “creep”-tastic scream sound is the perfect sound effect to carry door-to-door on your trick or treat adventure. It will make everyone squeal with delight (or terror). Make it a DIY Halloween party activity and make your own scary screaming sound effects; forget those canned recording that don’t shock and awe. Our Halloween scream activity will add a fun twist to your party and will give ‘em pumpkin to talk about!

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