Growing & Shrinking Egg – Science Experiment

Bigger or smaller, these eggs use chemistry and permeability to expand and contract.

The Incredible Growing and Shrinking Egg Science Experiment

Bigger or smaller, these eggs use chemistry and permeability to expand and contract.

An “EGG-cellent” Egg Osmosis Experiment 

Did you love our vinegar and egg experiment, also known as the Naked Egg Science Experiment? We’ve upped our “egg-citing” egg game here at Steve Spangler Science and found some new ways to create some fun egg experiments. In fact, we’ve found a method to take our famous naked egg experiment to a new level. By dropping your naked eggs into Karo corn syrup or water, you’ll witness eggs that have the strange ability to grow or to shrink. 

How to Perform the Egg Osmosis Experiment

Follow the directions below to perform your very own egg experiment with vinegar, corn syrup and water to see if your egg grows or shrinks. What about an egg in saltwater experiment? Experiment with different liquids to see how they affect your egg. This osmosis egg lab is a fantastic idea for after-school activities, science class or your STEM club activities.

What is Osmosis?

Osmosis is the reason for this growing and shrinking. Osmosis is the process by which the molecules of a solvent (the corn syrup, water or vinegar in this case) passes through a semipermeable membrane, equalizing the concentrations of the liquids on each side of the membrane. 

Osmosis Egg Lab Experiment

This osmosis egg lab is a fun, food science-based activity that will show you the practical applications of osmosis. It’s all an investigation into chemical reactions and permeability that are fun, engaging and informative.

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Experiment Materials

  • Karo corn syrup
  • Water
  • Vinegar
  • Eggs
  • Various glasses
  • Adult supervision

Experiment Videos



Fill multiple glasses with vinegar.


Allow eggs to soak in vinegar for 24 hours. You will be left with the membrane, but no shell.


Fill one glass with Karo corn syrup.


Fill another glass with water


Place one “naked” egg inside each glass. Allow the eggs to soak for 24 hours.


Pull the eggs out of the glasses and observe what has happened. Notice how much larger the egg in the water is than the egg in the sugar solution.