Spangler Salutes Greta Sharp

The women of St. Mary's High School are absolutely Mad About Science!

Greta Sharp isn’t your ordinary chemistry teacher… because ordinary teachers don’t show up at school at 5:30 AM to perform a Halloween science show with their students! Ms. Sharp is a chemistry teacher at St. Mary’s High School in Englewood, Colorado, and her students told us that she is certifiably mad about teaching science. Greta invited Steve Spangler and 9News viewers into her classroom to see her special twist on some cool Halloween science demonstrations.


Warning! All of these chemical demonstrations must be performed by a science teacher who is properly trained in all of the safety precautions.

Ghost in a Bottle

Legend has it that ghosts once scurried about the halls of St. Mary’s High School (or maybe it was a group of lost freshmen). Nevertheless, the scientists in Ms. Sharp’s class captured some ghosts in a bottle and released them on live television. They named one of the ghosts “the rapid decomposition of hydrogen peroxide.” Long name for a ghost! Here’s how to do the Ghost in a Bottle.

Water to Grape Juice to Milk

Okay, so it’s not really water or grape juice or milk, but the chemical reaction is very cool. Magically turn water to grape juice to lemonade to 7-Up to milk to finally—after consuming all that, you’ll surely need—Pepto-Bismol! Here’s the chemical secret.

Oozing Pumpkins

This is a Greta Sharp classic that always fills the room with ooohs & ahhhs.  Two solutions are mixed together inside of a pumpkin head and, in just seconds, foam gushes out of the carved pumpkin. Oozing Pumpkins is a clever variation of the Elephant’s Toothpaste demo.

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