Color Mixing Gobstoppers – Candy Science

Gobstopper candies are known for their colors, but what would happen if they were dissolved in water?

Hard candies are known for their bright colors, delicious tastes, and, well, having a ton of sugar. While having a handful of candy every once in a while is definitely a good thing, we like conducting experiments with them! We especially love Gobstoppers. They have layers of colors that, when they dissolve into water, do something very peculiar…

Experiment Materials


  1. Fill a petri dish with enough water to cover the bottom.
  2. Drop a Gobstopper of a different color along the edge of the petri dish. We would tell you to put them all in the corners, but the dish is round and doesn’t have corners. So you need to place the Gobstoppers at equal distances from from each other.
  3. Now watch the colors!

How Does It Work?

The surprise here is that the Gobstopper colors don’t actually mix in the petri dish. Instead, they run into each other and stop. In addition to the non- mixing colors, you’ll notice that the colors change during the dissolving process. This is because each Gobstopper is comprised of four different colors.