Erie Elementary Science Museum

Steve Spangler paid a visit to the 5th grade.

Always searching for innovative ways to make science fun, 9NEWS Science Guy, Steve Spangler, paid a visit to the 5th graders at Erie Elementary to see their annual “science museum” exhibit. Three of the kid scientists joined Steve at the KUSA-TV studios in Denver to share their discoveries.


McKayla Laffety caused balloons to fill with carbon dioxide using a reaction with yeast, sugar, and water. She compared the effect of hot and cold water on the reaction.

Kevin Hogan created sparks of static electricity using his unique “static viewing chamber.”

Kaitlynn Apple shared her research on making the best “Silly Putty.” She compared two common recipes: Laundry starch and Elmer’s Glue and the very popular Elmer’s Glue and Borax.

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