Easter Science

These fun activities can be a great way to include science in your spring celebration.

Science experiments are a part of everyday life in the Spangler Science offices. These particular ones use the colors, the eggs, and the treats that go with a celebration of spring. If the standard colored-egg hunt and grass-lined basket treats are a bit hoo-hum for you, we’ve got you covered. Your crowd will be begging for more… and it involves some serious science!

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Experiment Materials

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Growing & Shrinking Marshmallows - Step 3


Growing Peeps®

This year before you feast on the sugary goodness of this brightly colored marshmallow candy, make them first grow to an enormous size.

You won’t believe what you can do to a marshmallow candy with a simple kitchen vacuum packer. (By the way, no critters were harmed in the taping of this video.)

For the full experiment, click here.

Marshmallow Masher - Cover Image


Marshmallow Masher

If the colorful Peeps variety of marshmallow is more than you can handle, try this alternative using plain white marshmallows.

Instead of expanding those fluffy marshmallows you get to shrink them to the size of peas. Oh, the fun that can be had at the dinner table!

For the full experiment, click here.


Color Symphony

Before you finish washing those last few dirty dinner dishes, do this colorful activity.

All you need is some milk, a plate, drops of dish soap, some food coloring, and a cotton swab. It’s a color explosion that’s sure to amaze and entertain everyone around you.

For the full experiment, click here.


Growing and Shrinking Eggs

We’ve found a method to take our famous “Naked Egg” experiment to a new level. By placing a naked egg in either light corn syrup or water, you’ll discover that it has the strange ability to both grow and shrink.

It’s an investigation into chemical reactions and permeability that’s fun and engaging for everyone.

For the full experiment, click here.


The Floating Egg

Raw eggs sink in plain tap water. By creating a new solution, however, you get an egg-citingly different result. We’ve shown you how different cans of sodas will either sink or float in water, but what’s the deal with eggs?

Place as many raw eggs as you want into plain water, and they’ll all sink. In the Floating Egg activity, we’ll show you how adding a very simple ingredient can drastically alter this outcome.

For the full experiment, click here.


The Egg Drop

You can demonstrate gravity, the First Law of Motion, and friction with this one, incredibly simple demo. It’s one of our all-time favorites! It’s a combination of strategy and skill… with just a little nit of luck tossed in.

The goal is to get an egg (or several of them at once) to drop into a glass of water. Sounds easy enough. Of course, the egg is held well above the water by a cardboard tube and there’s a pie pan between the tube and the water. Still think it’s easy? Sir Isaac Newton certainly does. Once you try it, you’ll be hooked, too!

For the full experiment, click here.

Impossible Egg Crush - Cover Image


Impossible Egg Crush

Squeeze an egg hard enough in your hand and you might crush it. It sounds easy… but can you actually break the shell? Despite their reputation for being fragile, egg shells are amazingly strong.

An egg can withstand a lot of force as you squeeze it. Often, it won’t even crack! Do you know how it works? Check out the Impossible Egg Crush activity, and we’ll let you in on the uncrushable secret.

For the full experiment, click here.


Incredible Egg Geode

We love to do “eggs-periments.” We continue to look for new and amazing things to do with eggs, too. We’ve made naked eggs, put eggs in a bottle, folded eggs, and we’ve even shown you how to decide if an egg is raw or hard-boiled.

This time, instead of frying or scrambling them, turn your eggs into beautiful alum-crystal “geodes.” The Incredible Egg Geode is “eggs-actly” what we want to share with you.

For the full experiment, click here.


Peeps® is a registered trademark of Just Born, Inc., Bethlehem, PA, USA.

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