Candy Neuron

Identify major structures and functions of a neuron.

The student will identify the major structures and functions of a neuron (nerve cell). The structures include: cell body, nucleus, dendrites, axon, axon terminals, and myelin.

Experiment Materials

  • Box of fruit roll-ups, not fruit-by-the foot (need one box for each group member)
  • 1 large bag of pull-n-peel licorice (can be any flavor)
  • 1 large bag of red vines (must have hollow center)
  • 1 small bag of red candy (each student needs one piece)


  1. Teacher should draw or have an overhead diagram showing structure of a neuron. At the beginning of the class, go over structures and functions. Tell students what candy to use to build neuron parts.
    • Fruit roll up: shape to form cell body
    • Round candy: nucleus
    • Pull “n “ peel: separate to make dendrites, axon, and axon terminals.
    • Red vines: cut into segments and feed axon through to create myelin.
    • Each student needs to create a candy neuron and should be able to point out structures.
  2. After finishing the candy neuron activity, students should draw and label a neuron and list functions on a separate sheet of paper. You could also have students complete a pre-made packet about neurons with the drawing included.

Additional Info

Lesson created by Nancy Smith and Kathy Searle

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