Sick Science! Videos

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Using YouTube to Teach Science – Videos Inspire a New Generation of Scientists

It's not unusual for our office to get a call or two a week from the media about the Mentos Geyser experiment. Most of the inquires focus on how the reaction works or questions about MENTOS myths. When Tom Whipple from the London Times called,…
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4th of July Cool Science Experiment – Colored Smoke Rings

I'll have to admit that my Trash Can Smoke Rings routine is not only a signature staple in my stage show, but it's become one of my all-time favorite science demos to perform. After presenting my smoke ring routine on the Ellen Show, I received…
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Steve Spangler Science Sets New Guinness World Record at 9News Colorado Rockies Science Day

World's Largest Physics Lesson We're honored to get to say, "We did it!" With a final count of 5,401 people, all armed with Windbags, the seats at Coors Field were flooded with science as we set out to set a new world record for the the Largest…

Even Science People Practice for the Big Game – Colorado Rockies Science Day

Professional athletes practice before the big game day... and so should the visiting science team. We're honored to be invited by the Colorado Rockies baseball organization and NBC affiliate 9News to kick-off their first annual Science Day at…

Liquid Nitrogen Explosions – Flying Trash Cans Prompt Visitors

They say practice makes perfect. So, we were practicing for an upcoming live performance by setting off liquid nitrogen trash can explosions in our parking lot... and a few visitors showed up. We might have upset our neighbors. Let's start…

St. Patrick’s Day Science – Green Instant Snow

Since everything else is green on St. Patrick's Day, why shouldn't the snow be green, too? You'll need some Instant Snow powder, a few plastic cups, green food coloring and a stirring stick. Place 20-30 drops of green food coloring in an…

Floating Beach Balls and Flying Toilet Paper

You can have a ton of fun with a beach ball, a leaf blower and a few dozen rolls of toilet paper. While this is an easy way to "TP" someone's house, may I remind you that you promised to use your powers for good and never evil.
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Back to the Ellen Show – Fire Ball, Toilet Paper and a Bed of Nails

We're back from another taping at the Ellen DeGeneres Show and we had a blast. I use the pronoun "we" because this taping required a team of people to orchestrate the final stunt... the Bed of Nails. This segment featured the Methane Bubble…

Science of Baseball – A Lesson from the Colorado Rockies

If you dig deep enough into the video library, you're likely to find a much younger Steve Spangler (yes... the hair is a little longer and the voice a little higher). This clip is from my Wonder Why? segment on News for Kids and features Curtis…
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Twist in Time – One of the Coolest Science Demos I've Ever Seen

It's a demonstration that almost has to be seen in person to believe. Otherwise, you're likely to say, "It's fake... there's no way that could happen!" As you're watching the video below, please remember that there is absolutely no trick photography.…