Exploding Water Experiment Hits Home for Reader

Microwave Boiling Water Explosion‘Tis the season for spending time in the kitchen making those holiday feasts. So, when we were choosing a timely experiment to send in our Experiment of the Week email, we figured that Exploding Water in the Microwave was a great choice to make sure everyone had a safe and happy holiday.  Our choice was affirmed when a reader took the time to let us know about the value of this experiment…

Now watch the video…

I was very interested to receive the email about water from the microwave exploding. Let me tell you my story. I make a pot of c

offee in the a.m. and then just reheat it in a mug throughout the day. I have done this for many years. Several months ago, without any thought, I went through my usual routine coffee heating, same mug, same power, same time as always. When completed, I set the mug on the counter and, as always, added a spoonful of powdered coffee creamer. The reaction was unbelievable and so fast that, initially, I could not comprehend what had happened. There was literally coffee everywhere in my kitchen and all over me. Fortunately, I was not burned. My face just felt a little warm and rosy for 24 hrs. I have included photos of the coffee “hanging” from my 8-ft kitchen ceiling. All the cupboards including those 4 ft away were covered with coffee splatters. The 10 oz mug had about 1/2 in or less of coffee left in it. Several months later, I am still finding a spot of coffee in obscure places here and there in the kitchen.  So – thank you for putting out the warning. I have sent it on to many family and friends.

— Lucie from Ohio

It is really an honor when our customers let us know that what we are doing has made a difference to them.  Thanks Lucie for your email and for the lesson learned!

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