Scientist of the Week – Great Idea!

Here’s an idea submitted by Candice Ware – a really creative teacher who is getting her kids doing science.

This idea originated with Dr. Jean. I just carried it a step further. I have an attache case labeled Scientist of the Week. Each week one child takes home the case. Inside is a lab coat, glow in the dark glasses and a clipboard of simple science experiments. The child chooses one experiment,(does not need to come from the clipboard), practices it, and comes to school with the case and materials necessary to present it to the class. Parents are welcome to come in and assist or take pictures. My first graders love this and can recall who did whic experiments. Everyone gets 2 turns during the year. We even wrote a class book about this. It gives the children ownership of a piece of science.

This idea came through our Teacher Inventor program. Thanks Candice.

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  • Kelly Brown Reply

    I was curious if you would tell me where you got the experiments for your kids to do? I Love this idea and have been working on finding the experiments, but not having much luck! Thanks, Kelly

    July 20, 2007 at 5:50 am

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