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How to Combine Thanksgiving and Science in your Elementary Classroom

How to Study Seeds with Popcorn by Christy McGuire, Contributor Students’ minds are turning to the holidays. You can harness some of that excitement by including some holiday-themed activities in your classroom. There are many great learning activities that follow holiday themes. Here are two activities that combine Thanksgiving and science. We love studying (eating!) […]


Holiday Science: Gravy

What’s so scientific about your holiday gravy?  Isn’t gravy just, well, food?  Food we put on mashed potatoes and turkey at Thanksgiving and Christmas and Sunday and, well, pretty much any time?   How could gravy have anything to do with science? Here’s the thing, drooling holiday turkey & gravy lovers:  gravy-making is all about the science of […]


Table Tricks Science Experiment Guide

It’s a mad rush in the kitchen before a holiday meal with family and friends. Once the turkey and potatoes are gone, what do you do to entertain your guests? Science magic table tricks of course! Whether you’re sitting down to a nice dinner with your family or if you’ve just finished an enormous Thanksgiving […]


Thanksgiving Table Tricks

At Thanksgiving, there’s often more of a crowd at the table, which means, Thanksgiving is the perfect time for some cool table tricks; in other words, it’s Thanksgiving Table Tricks Time.  Yes, it’s that time of year – time to pull out the table tricks and dust them off. Or what if you don’t have […]


The Science Behind Cooking a Turkey

By Blog Editor Susan Wells The turkeys are all defrosting (or at least should be) and come bright and early Thursday morning, millions will be cooking in ovens across the United States. The turkey is the star of our Thanksgiving holiday, so we asked the following questions to find out the science behind it. What […]


The Science of Witches’ Yeast for Halloween

By Jane Goodwin Back in the days before people waltzed into the grocery store to buy packaged bread. . . even before the days when people baked their own bread using store-bought packaged yeast, people could still enjoy a loaf of light, risen bread.  They used Witches’ Yeast, which people refer to more commonly as […]


Thanksgiving Table Tricks – Egg Drop Inertia

My relatives all know that any time we are gathered around the table is a great time for me to show off my newest table tricks… Thanksgiving is no exception.  But, with something like the Egg Drop it has to be just right, so why not practice with Mark Koebrich on 9News first?  But, when […]