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Brought to you only by Steve Spangler Science

Did you know that there are over 100 original items that you can only purchase from Steve Spangler Science?   I know what you're thinking... and yes, it really is possible! Even though Steve Spangler Science has several items being distributed to retail stores both nationally and internationally,  there are still items that only available through     Steve Spangler Science has created several original kits, DVD's and digital [...]

Back to School with Steve Spangler Science

Do I smell freshly sharpened pencils?  Is that the clicking sound of a brand new protractor?  Are you surrounded by notebooks, fun new pens and markers that you're dying to use? Yes!  It's back to school time! Not ready for back to school?   Wondering who do you turn to for help to start your new school year off right?   Back to School with Steve [...]

Marshmallow and Cherry Science Density Layer Cake

Bake a little science cake for your love this Valentines Day. This experiment mixes a little kitchen science, candy science and physical science. And the end result of this activity is delicious. To make a 3-layer density cake, you will need the following materials – Cake mix (flavor is up to you, we used Devil’s Cake) Bag of small marshmallows 2 cans of cherry pie [...]

Story Time Slime – Bringing Literature & Science Together in Your Classroom

Tis the season for spooky, slimy science. The kids are excited for the upcoming holiday, restless in their seats and it's hard to keep their attention on the lessons at hand. Early childhood teachers know that getting kids excited about science is only part of the challenge. Getting them engaged, focused and excited about what they are learning so they retain [...]

Sub-Zero Science: A New School Assembly Program

Steve Spangler Science is proud to announce a new elementary school assembly program coming to a gymnasium near you. Sub-Zero Science is filled with eye-catching science experiments and hands-on demonstrations that explore states of matter and changes in temperature. Award-winning elementary teacher, Julie Gintzler, makes homemade hot air balloons float, soda cans crush on command, clouds of water vapor erupt from an [...]

New Guinness World Record Attempt – 2,500 Mentos Soda Geysers

Our own Julie Gintzler (follow @juliegintzler) is on hand in Danville, Illinois for a new Guinness World Record attempt for 2,500 MENTOS® powered soda geysers. The event organizers contacted Steve Spangler Science in their initial planning stages to see if they could gain some tips and tricks from our past MENTOS geyser records. When you're attempting a geyser launch this big, [...]

Mentos Geyser Used to Launch Beaker 20 Feet

It was quite a week for our Spangler Science team when we invaded Texas with 24 staff members and Spangler Ambassadors. Half the team headed to Fort Worth for CAST (the Conference for the Advancement of Science Teaching) and half the team went to Dallas for NAEYC ( the National Association for the Education of Young Children). While our NAEYC team [...]

Teachers Create Science Buzz – Science in the Rockies 2007

It's been called a"Mr. Wizard-style" training camp for teachers who are looking to add more purpose and piazza to their science lessons. The three-day intensive training called Science in the Rockies is targeted at early childhood through middle school teachers who need creative science integration strategies... who are tired of trying to "squeeze" science into their already packed teaching [...]

Science in the Rockies 2006 Press Release

The shuttle buses are loaded and teachers are on their way back home armed with strategies, best practices and some pretty cool ideas for integrating more science in their classrooms. Download the Press Release as a PDF (more…)