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How to Study Density with Popcorn

by Christy McGuire, Contributor Thanksgiving is almost here! You can use one of the original foods from the first Thanksgiving to discuss density with your students. Popcorn is fascinating because it changes so drastically during the cooking process. The color, shape and texture of a popped kernel are all different than those of an unpopped […]


Density Divers

Density Divers Experiments Classic Cartesian Diver Experiment Pipette Cartesian Diver Experiment SQUIDY™ Experiment Hook Challenge Experiment Five Divers Experiment Take it Further! Science Fair Connection Classic Cartesian Diver Experiment Experiment Procedure Fill the plastic soda bottle almost to the VERY top rim with water. Fill the glass eyedropper with just enough water so that it […]


Marshmallow and Cherry Science Density Layer Cake

Bake a little science cake for your love this Valentines Day. This experiment mixes a little kitchen science, candy science and physical science. And the end result of this activity is delicious. To make a 3-layer density cake, you will need the following materials – Cake mix (flavor is up to you, we used Devil’s […]


Density in Action: Can You Sink a Marshmallow?

By Loralee Leavitt, Candy Experiments At the USA Science and Engineering Festival in Washington, DC, children crowd around the Candy Experiments booth.  A volunteer asks if they’re ready to take the marshmallow challenge: “Can you sink a marshmallow?” As Steve Spangler teaches in the lemon and lime sink-and-float experiment, an object sinks if it is […]


Seven-Layer Density Column: Stacking Liquids

Oil and water don’t mix. Everyone knows that. What is the scientific reason behind why don’t they mix? Answer: Oil and water don’t mix because of how their molecules are constructed. Water is what is known as a polar molecule. A water molecule is shaped like a V, with an oxygen atom at the bottom […]