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Non-Newtonian Inexpensive Fun

Non-Newtonian fluids are an aspect of science that is simple, interesting, and a lot of fun.  Non-Newtonian fluid experiments are also inexpensive; there are only two ingredients and both are probably already in your pantry. There are so many cool experiments to keep kids busy and their imaginations soaring, and most of them don’t cost […]


The Best Fake Blood Recipes for Halloween

There is a science to making the most realistic-looking blood. Put on your scientist safety glasses and get ready for a little experimentation. Most of the fake blood recipes below require only a few ingredients, but don’t get caught up in the exact measurements. It’s all about adding a little of this and a little […]


Latest Mentos Theory

… but I’m not buying it. The Orlando Sentinel recently ran a article in their Weekend Leisure Playing with Food section by Jane Snow about the Mentos and Diet Coke experiment. They turned to Robert Wolke, chem professor at the University of Pittsburgh for an explanation. Here’s what he writes… “The scientific explanation is that […]