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The Beauty of Clouds

Ever since I was little, clouds have fascinated me.   A simple little visible mass of condensed water vapor floating in the atmosphere,  I realize, but mesmerizing, nonetheless.  Storm clouds have especially intrigued me over the years, and with weather season right around the corner there is no better time to talk about clouds, then now! As […]


Soda Bottle Tornado

Soda Bottle Tornado Soda Bottle Tornado Experiment Additional Information SODA BOTTLE TORNADO EXPERIMENT Experiment Procedure Fill an empty one liter bottle with water all the way to the top. Add any number of Color Fizzers to the bottle to achieve the desired color. Screw on the Tornado Tube with the small opening. Attach another empty […]


Teach Sun Safety with UV Beads

There are so many creative things to make and do with Spangler Science’s Color Changing UV Beads – that we’re going to focus on how they teach sun safety. Our UV Color Changing Beads are pony beads that are treated so that they react with the sun’s UV rays.  The beads are snow white when they are […]


The Science Behind Hurricanes

Twenty-seven people have died and President Obama has declared New York a major disaster zone as the Superstorm Sandy continues to move across and devastate the Northeast. Sandy is one of the largest hurricanes to ever strike the United States. The storm covers an area of more an 1,000 miles. The storm has gone from […]


How to Catch a Ghost – Ghostly Dry Ice Boo Bubbles

By Blog Editor Susan Wells Do you have amateur ghost hunters running amuck in your house? Or are you looking for a fun activity to do during a Halloween or classroom party? Look no further than our Boo Bubbles experiment. Boo Bubbles are fog-filled touchable, bouncing bubbles. The bubbles actually trap vapor from a mixture […]