Mentos Geyser Car – 12 Days of Wonder

By Blog Editor Susan Wells

We have reached Day #9 in our 12 Days of Wonder. Today’s spotlight science toy is Geyser Car.

Steve Spangler Science is celebrating the 12 Days of Wonder and highlighting our top 12 science toys and kits that are perfect to put under the tree. As blog editor, social media coordinator and mom of two budding scientists, I will share my review of each product. Steve Spangler Science also found 12 respected, popular mom bloggers to each test and review one of our 12 science gifts. I will include a link to their blogs and their honest reviews of each gift idea at the bottom of this post. Today, Sarah from Moose Tracks and Tater Stacks shares her review. The kit is also the Deal of the Day. So check our blog every day for the next few weeks to learn all about our 12 Days of Wonder.


My Review: 

I brought the Geyser Car to our Thanksgiving dinner. It served as our after dinner entertainment.

We were lucky the weather cooperated and headed outside after the final slice of pie. Our first try was a bust as I had brought Diet Coke that had been in my garage for a little too long. The anticipated blast off was blown with dripping flat soda. So my nephew and I headed out to the store praying it was open.

We grabbed a few fresh bottles of Diet Coke and extra Mentos for good measure.

Back at the house, our crowd had dispersed so we had to collect everyone again with promises of excitement.

We loaded up the car and let her go. It shot down the street, took a sharp right, went under a car, jumped the curb and landed in the neighbor’s lawn. Cheers erupted from the audience.

The crowd began to grow as other neighbors came out to see what we were doing. Soon, we had a small crowd gathered on the sidewalk.

My nephew let another one go and it took off down the street and jumped the curb again. The crowd went wild.

More neighbors joined in.

Our final geyser eruption shot the car down the street and into my sister in-law’s car. BAM! The wheels went flying and the crowd roared. My sister in-law was not as excited.

Needless to say, my family loved the Geyser Car. We laughed and screamed together and brought the neighborhood out of their turkey comas and into the street. It was a fun family activity.

This activity is VERY messy so make sure you do it in an open, flat area outside.

The car is simply built, with a launch tube, axle, wheels, nose cone and flag. We removed the nose cone for easier loading. It also comes with an air pump needle and plug to do experiments with air pressure and water. You will need an air pump to perform those experiments.

The water also makes a mess but at least it isn’t sticky.

This is the perfect gift for someone who likes soda geysers, cars, messes and science. And you can’t beat the price of $12.50 today only. 


Blogger Review: 





Read the Review from Sarah from Moose and Tater >

Many thanks to Sarah from Moose and Tater for testing our Geyser Car. Visit Sarah from Moose and Tater. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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