How Much Sugar is in a Can of Soda?

The short answer is, “a lot.” A can of Coca-Cola has over 30 grams of sugar, which is equal to about 18 packets of sugar. A can of grape soda has even more than that.

Another question to ask is, “will the sugar make the can of soda sink or float?” Plug the drain, fill the sink and take the plunge with this simple science experiment.

Collect several different cans and brands of soda – diet, regular, Coke, Pepsi, Big-K, Sprite and flavored water. Dunk each one in the water to see which ones float and which ones sink. What’s the difference between the floaters and sinkers? How can some soda cans float while others sink if they all have the same volume and size?

The answer lies in the mass and density of each can.

For more on this fascinating demonstration, watch the video above or read the experiment, Sinking Soda Surprise.

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