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Want to Pull the Pin? Buyers Play with the Mentos Geyser Tube at New York Toy Fair

spangler-mentos-toy-fair-209Just when you think that everyone in the world has seen the Mentos Geyser experiment, you run into a few thousand people attending the New York Toy Fair who are surprised by the reaction. Last Monday I spent the entire day launching off soda geysers in the Be Amazing Toys booth at the Toy Fair. Over forty of my science toys and educational kits are licensed to Be Amazing Toys who distributes them to retailers internationally. The Geyser Tube demonstration drew some great crowds at Toy Fair thanks in part to the thirty foot tall geyser chamber that occupied the corner of the booth. The most common question I got the entire day was, “Could you do that again for my friend?” And, of course, I just had to do it again.. and again… and again. In total, we launched off about 400 two-liter bottles of diet soda (diet isn’t sticky and really blasts off well) using the Mentos Geyser Tube toy.

A photographer from the Associated Press camped out in the booth for part of the morning as well as a handful of bloggers who wanted to know more about how the Mentos Geyser works. My job was to keep the people in the aisles happy while the sales people at Be Amazing Toys helped buyers select new science products to stock their shelves.


Be Amazing Toys originally started as the wholesale division of Steve Spangler Science in 2002 with a small product line of about twenty science toys and kits (including the original Instant Snow). We sold Be Amazing Toys to a Utah-based corporation who wanted to continue to license all of the Spangler created products and to expand the line of science-based educational toys. “We currently offer more than 100 science toys and kits through Be Amazing Toys,” according to Renée Whitney, Vice-President of Sale and Marketing for Be Amazing Toys. “Steve Spangler’s licensed products represent about 40% of our product line. We’re never quite sure what Steve is going to come up with next. Let’s hope it’s as popular as his Mentos Geyser Tube.”

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  1. tiffany
    tiffany says:

    thats alsome i would like to know the science in the mentos and diet coke please e-mail me if you would like to answer my questen i am doing a science project on it and i would like to study it come more but i cant find the science in it

  2. ricky
    ricky says:

    be careful when pulling the pin, I almost covered my students with soda. when the soda came out of the pin holes and not up the tube, but my students still loved it. but my pants were a little wet at the end of the experiment

  3. Steve Spangler
    Steve Spangler says:

    Wet pants and a science experiment shouldn’t go in the same sentence! Sorry about the mis-fire. I’ve asked the people at Be Amazing Toys (the company who has the manufacturing license to make this toy) to go back and test a few hundred more bottles to see if they can recreate the problem.


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