Clever Idea for a Baby Soda Bottle – Teacher Turns Plastic Test Tubes into a Solar Oven

Lots of people come up with clever uses for our large, plastic test tubes called Baby Soda Bottles. Todd Blackman at the Franklin County Public Electrical Utility District #1 in Pasco, Washington shared this idea for turning a Baby Soda Bottle into a solar oven.

We use your Giant Test Tubes to make small solar ovens that work really well. Over the years we have seen many designs that ranged from completely ineffective to downright dangerous. We don’t want to hurt kids with an advanced design or turn them off to solar with a design that does not work.

This one is simple, functional, durable and easy to build with simple and safe tools. It will heat water for hot chocolate or soup to temps around 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

We’re not exactly sure about the design other than what we see in the picture. We can confirm that these plastic test tubes are thick enough to easily boil water without melting. So, if you’re looking for a way to heat a few ounces of water, this is an easy and creative option.

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