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World's Simplest Motor

Learn the fundamental principals of how a motor works


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World's Simplest Motor

From the makers of the world famous fountain connection come yet another puzzling mystery. Believe it or not, it's possible to construct a motor using only a magnet, a coil of wire, and a battery. This hands-on kit teaches the fundamental principles of how a motor works. It's a great introduction to a discussion on motors or as a follow-up to your battery and bulbs unit. Recommended for children ages 6 and up.

Customer Reviews

Great, fun, easy to use Review by Diana

I remember seeing this in my college physics class and everyone loved it. Now I use it in my own 7th grade science class and even at this age group they love it and understand it too! Love it (Posted on 12/19/14)

Awesome!!!!!!!!!! Review by Ashley

It really is great for kids to learn about energy!!!! : ) (Posted on 1/15/14)

Misconception Review by Peter Melzer

The previous reviewer of this product is right in recognizing how cool it is but wrong in understanding how the motor works. It is a commutatorless motor and, unlike a simple DC commutator motor, it will rotate in either direction regardless of the polarity of the magnet or the direction of the current. It works because the slight imbalance of the coil and the loose bearings allow the coil to jump every half turn, disconnect and thereby temporarily lose its electromagnetism. In science, theory only goes so far. So, to test the truth of the above statement, kick the coil in one direction to start it, then kick it in the opposite direction (while keeping everything else the same) and see that it actually turns independently of the polarity of the magnet or of the direction of the electric current. (Posted on 5/4/13)

"...this is cool" Review by Marty

As the heading suggests, as a direct quote from my 7 yr old daughter, "this is cool". She absolutely loves this little motor. She even took it to school for a 'sharing day' subject (already impressing the boys...not sure thats a good thing yet). Got lots of "oooohhhhhsss". It's simple to build and works as promised. And, probably the most impressive thing to me is that she figured out when she changed the battery's polarity (put it in the metal contacts the "other way" for you laypersons out there)OR flipped the magnet over, the motor would change directions. Hey, if she thinks its a cool project, I'm with her!!! (Posted on 3/16/13)

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