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Water Jelly Crystals- Colored 4 Pack

Pebble-sized crystals grow into huge gel-like chunks when you add water.


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Item #: WSAC-426

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Recommended for age 6 to 7 with adult supervision.

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Water Jelly Crystals- Colored 4 Pack

Great for ooey, gooey color mixing fun! These amazing pebble-sized polymer crystals mysteriously grow into huge pieces of gel-like material when you add water. In fact, these crystals absorb 150-300 times their weight in water! Because of their incredible thirst, they're even used to reduce the amount of water needed to water crops and gardens during years of drought! Included with each package of crystals is a science activity guide, with lots of fun ideas for science projects. Water Jelly Crystals are an example of amazing Hydrogels... superabsorbent polymers that are saving the environment. Recommended for children ages 4 and up.

What's Included?
Colorful Crystals

Superabsorbent crystal polymer

  • 40 grams of clear
  • 40 grams of yellow
  • 40 grams of blue
  • 40 grams of red
  • Science activity guide
How Does It Work?

Soak the crystals in water and see how fast they absorb water! In just a few minutes you'll have a huge bowl of icy looking crystals, only they're not cold! Dry them out on a paper towel, and you can use them again!

What Does It Teach?

Discover how polymers perform very important functions in everyday life. Sometimes referred to as Hydrogel, they're used in everything from baby diapers to environmental cleanup materials! Aside from their environmental and industrial uses, superabsorbent crystals are a great way to teach kids about color and light!

Customer Reviews

4 Pack of Colored Crystals Review by Rhonda Mort

I liked the crystals because they are safe and hands on. I made sure to tell the kids we would "not" be tasting them!
The best part was letting them hold and touch the hard crystals then comparing them to the crystals that had been added to water 24 hours before. I also gave a lesson on what other inventions and devices the polymers could be used for. The list was long and interesting. As a treat each child got to take a few crystals home to "grow" with mom and dad. Way to go Steve! (Posted on 4/8/13)

Water Jelly Crystals Review by Brian Packham

The jelly crystals are great to start with but after a while the colors really started to fade. I would hope that the colors would have lasted longer. I have given each of my students a baby soda bottle where they each do the experiment themselves. A lot of the students observed the same thing with the colored crystals losing their color. (Posted on 3/27/13)

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  • Can I pick the colors?
    Every pack has the three primary colors of red, yellow, blue, as well as a clear pouch. Perfect for color mixing.
  • How long do they take to grow?
    They grow in less than a day, so if you throw them in water before your students come to class, they should be ready for your little scientists to play with after lunch.
  • Is this what they put in flowers?
    INDEED!! Using jelly crystals will help to reduce the amount of watering that you will need for your plants during the planting season.
  • What temperature should the water be at?
    Through all of our rigorous testing, we found that they crystals grow better in warmer water than they do in cold.

Warning - Choking Hazard

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