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Water Jelly Crystals Classroom Kit

Water-absorbing crystals introduce students to polymer science.


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The Water Jelly Crystals Classroom Kit contains polymer crystals that absorb 300 times their weight in water. They're non-toxic and safe to touch, making them perfect for students of all ages. When you're finished with your experiments, just dry out the Water Jelly Crystals and use them again! Use this unique substance to blend colors, reveal hidden messages and make "ghost crystals" appear and disappear! Our large, unbreakable test tubes make it easy for your students to see scientific results! Water Jelly Crystals are an example of amazing Hydrogels... superabsorbent polymers that are saving the environment. This version of the kit is appropriate for students K-5.

What's Included?

The kit includes supplies for 24 students working in groups...

  • 24 Baby Soda Bottles with caps
    **Bottle cap color may vary.** 
  • Four test tube racks
  • Six measuring scoops
  • Six, 60 gram bags of Water Jelly Crystals
  • 24, 2 oz plastic cups
  • 24 zipper-lock bags
  • Six, 1.5" petri dishes
  • Six, 12-Packs of Color Fizzers coloring tablets
  • Teacher activity guide with 12 experiments
How Does It Work?

Soak the crystals in water and see how fast they absorb water! In just a few minutes you'll have a huge bowl of icy looking crystals, only they're not cold! Dry them out on a paper towel, and you can use them again!

What Does It Teach?

Water Jelly Crystals are a type of super-thirsty, superabsorbent polymers. Another word for Water Jelly Crystal is Hydrogel. Get ready for a crash course in these unusual crystals! Use the non-toxic, superabsorbent crystals to introduce students to new ways to conserve water in gardens. Each student can even grow and take home their own crystal rainbow test tube.

Customer Reviews

Totally AWESOME!! Review by Jenny

I was so excited to use the water jelly crystal kit, that forgot it takes one hour to get the crystals to full size. I was leaving on vacation the day after they arrived, so I did a quick rainbow in a tube with the kids.. They loved it!!!!! Even though we only soaked crystals for half an hour, they still got the idea, and loved it!!!! (Posted on 4/4/13)

Water Jelly Crystal Review by Mary Webb

Great activity for my summer camp. Students loved them. We had so many crystals that we made cold pillows and colorful ice packs. (Posted on 3/23/13)

Absolutely the most fun! Review by SusyinSA

I bought this to use with my 4th grade class on one of our Science Blitz days. It is when the entire school (PK-5th)devotes an entire school day to experiencing fun with science. It was an absolute hit!
The kids had fun discovering the "power of polymers" that they then used it as part of our classroom science fair submission. We won 1st place! They created a powerpoint with photos we took during the entire day and talked about how we use polymers today and how they had fun creating new colored polymers.
This is definitely a must do for every classroom, no matter what age.
Thanks Steve!

(Posted on 2/9/13)

BEST KIT EVER (and reusable, too!) Review by michelle grove

I love everything this includes--even test tube racks. It has more than you could possibly use, and it is al reusable. Excellent value, and adaptable to many age groups. (Posted on 12/28/12)

Students Love these! Review by Amanda

The Jellies classroom kit is enough for all students to experience and watch the Jellies.

Great value and high quality! (Posted on 12/19/12)

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