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Six Test Tube Experiments in a Rack

Six great science experiments each packed in a large plastic test tube.


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Item #: WTTC-200

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Recommended for age 8 to 9 with adult supervision.

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Six Test Tube Experiments in a Rack

A Best Seller! Six great science experiments each packed in a large plastic test tube. Experiment with a growing alligator, ooey gooey jelly crystals, bubbling potions, magic sand that stays dry under water, color-changing beads, polymer plants, a test tube rainbow and erupting snow! Each test tube is a stand alone experiment with easy to understand instructions and simple science explanations. Great for science fair prizes, student gifts, party favors or for that young, budding scientist in the family. You also get the test tube rack! Recommended for children ages 4 and up. Each item is sold separately for $3.95 - you save over $6!

What's Included?
  • Insta-Snow Tube -You actually use the test tube to measure just the right amount of water. Makes approximately 2 cups of Insta-Snow.
  • Growing Gator Tube - Just add water and watch the gator toy grow to six times its original size.
  • Rainbow Test Tube - Grow colorful jelly crystals with primary colors trapped inside. Layer them in the test tube and watch the secondary colors magically appear.
  • Magic Sand Tube - Sand that stays dry in water? You will be amazed when you pour this special sand into water and it doesn't get wet. Completely reusable.
  • Test Tube Garden - Watch nature take its course as the plant grows to make your own portable garden.
  • Energy Bead Tube - Special beads that change color in sunlight. Learn about the science of ultra-violet light with this very popular science project.
How Does It Work?

The #1 used test tube for kids! These clear, unbreakable test tubes (measures 5.75 inches tall) are used for safe science experiments in classrooms everywhere. Unlike ordinary glass test tubes, these thick-walled plastic tubes can be thrown in the dishwasher, dropped, tapped, or stepped on and they just won't break!

Customer Reviews

Growing Alligator Review by Michelle Horne

My 2 YO daughter inherited her parents love of science. She traced the small alligator, put it in the water, and asked about its growth every day for 3 days. We traced it again and talked about the science...she can now say 'hydrophobic' and 'hydrophilic'. It's pretty adorable. She also now carries the alligator all around and tells how he grew and shrank. This taught her new vocab, measuring, observing, patience, etc. LOVE IT!! (Posted on 5/11/13)

Test Tubes are the best tubes Review by Maggie Hunt

We bought several of these for our science fair to give out as prizes. They are perfect! We have six different prizes of Steve's most fun science toys and experiments. Each test tube has enough product to do the experiment at least three times. Super cute packaging! (Posted on 4/14/13)

Great way to introduce kids to science! Review by Angela Hackwell

I used these to hold down balloons at a 4-H awards banquet. These were used as door prizes. The kids loved them and were trading other kids tubes they wanted more. (Posted on 3/15/13)

Awesome for homeschooling! Review by Debi

I got these to use as experiments for our kids and they love them! Following the directions is easy and they have enjoyed the outcome each time. (Posted on 1/17/13)

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