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Renewable Energy Science Kit

Build your own hydrogen powered world.

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Item #: WREN-500

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Recommended for age 10 and up with adult supervision.

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Renewable energy is the way of the future, so let us bring the future to you! The Renewable Energy kit supplies its builder with an in-depth, color experiment manual to guide your assembly. The parts are made of high quality durable plastic and are amazingly easy to assemble. Just pull the instruction materials out of the form fitted, recyclable packaging and follow the simple step-by-step instructions. The kit also includes the Renewable Energy Educational CD that features an electronic textbook, experiment manuals, assembly guides, and flash animations of how the kit looks when it's working.

Young scientists will be provided with everything they need to discover the science of clean, renewable energy. The multitude of experiments in the Renewable Energy Science Kit means that it's perfect for both classroom or home use. It's electronics, chemistry, physics, and environmental sciences all in one kit! From water to wind, sun to fuel cells... the Renewable Energy Science Kit might be the most in-depth and diverse kit we have.

What's Included?
Renewable Energy Science Kit
  • 141-page, full-color experiment guide/user manual
  • PEM electrolyzer module
  • PEM fuel cell module
  • Water storage tanks module
  • Hydrogen storage tank module
  • Multi-connector board module
  • Mini electric motor and propeller
  • Wind turbine
  • Solar photovoltaic cell
  • Tubing & accessories
  • Renewable Energy Educational CD

There are so many materials included in this 20+ experiment kit that we won't list them all here, but nearly everything you need is included. How can you beat that?

What Does It Teach?

The Renewable Energy kit is designed to teach not only about the amazing feat that is renewable energy, but also about the possibility of self-sustaining energy. The kit's experiment manual eases you into the world of renewable energy by having you build each component of the set one at a time before introducing you to the complete self-sustaining hydrogen system.

The Renewable Energy kit works without any sort of fossil fuel . . . no oil, no batteries, nothing! It's a completely self-sufficient kit.  Experiments that you will be doing with the Renewable Energy Kit include:

  • Using a solar panel to power the LED module
  • Use a solar panel to power a small fan / wheel
  • Prepare a Electrolyzer module / solar powered hydrogen production
  • Using a PEM fuel cell to power  small fan / wheel
  • Using a PEM fuel cell to power the small fan / wheel and LED module in parallel
  • Using the wind turbine to power the LED module
  • Using the wind turbine to power a small fan / wheel
  • Preparing electrolyzer module for wind powered hydrogen production

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