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Prepared Slides

Slides for use with any type of microscope


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Prepared Slides - Set 1

Item #: WPSS-200

Prepared Slides - Set 2

Item #: WPSS-300

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Recommended for age 8 to 9 with adult supervision.

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Prepared Slides

There is no better way to show the power of a good microscope than with a set of prepared slides. Each of the two sets of professionally prepared slides has 24 different specimens to view. Examine a slide featuring a sponge from the ocean floor or cells from an onion rind. The detail is amazing to the naked eye and utterly phenomenal under a microscope. You literally have to see these slides to believe them.

What's Included?

Slide Set 1

  • Pollen & Spore (lily pollen, sunflower pollen, bottle brush spore & fern spore)
  • Tiny Creatures (plant louse, fruit fly, shrimp egg, silk worm larva)
  • Textile Fibers (hemp fiber, silk stuff, cotton fiber, bemberg)
  • Insects (leg of butterfly, wing of butterfly, wing of locust, leg of honey bee)
  • Plants (pine wood, camellia leaf section, bamboo shoot, sponge gourd)
  • Animals (goldfish scale, hare hair, camel hair, feather fowl point)

Slide Set 2

  • Pollen & Spore (tulip pollen, leaf spore, pine tree pollen, orange pollen) 
  • Tiny Creatures (common red sponge, angora rabbit hair, ant, mouse fur)
  • Textile Fibers (panya, nylon, wool, handmade paper)
  • Insects (dragon-fly wing, worker bee wing, bee antenna, bee abdomen)
  • Plants (stem of corn, leaf of nerium, onion rind, silver berry scaly hair)
  • Animals (cat hair, canary feather, dog hair, sheep hair)
What Does It Teach?

Use these microscope slides to teach about cellular structure and to illustrate that although some animals, plants, and items may be large, they are all built upon a much smaller cellular framework.

Customer Reviews

Wow thes are amazing!!! Review by Mary Beth Duff

I ordered both sets of slides and my fourth grade students love them! The room becomes alive with chatter as they excitedly share what they see with others.
Thanks for helping them "see" their world in another way.
MB Duff
(Posted on 5/1/13)

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