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Wind Energy

Wind Energy is a miniature wind turbine you build to create power.

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Item #: WIND-250

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Recommended for age 10 and up with adult supervision.

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This detailed and intricate kit lets you build your own turbine. But do you know how to adjust your blades for wind energy? What about the type of blade you should use? This durable plastic turbine will let you experiment with these two factors as you try to maximize your energy output. This actual wind turbine will teach about how different factors such as number of blades, blade pitch, type of blade, and yawing (when the turbine rotates itself to face the wind) can affect the output of your wind turbine.

Where most kits would expect you to guess how well your turbine is doing by how fast the blades are rotating, this kit actually comes with a voltmeter. This voltmeter measures up to 12V by LED lighting and can also be switched to play a musical melody as the blades spin. The kit and instruction manual offer a complete wind energy curriculum and provide plenty of experiment opportunities.

What's Included?
Wind Energy
  • Mini wind turbine
  • 9 profile blades in 3 types (BP-28, BP-44, and BP-63)
  • 3 sheet blades (BS-31)
  • Special 3-phase alternator for higher output power
  • LED voltmeter/music maker module for output power demonstration
  • Complete educational curriculum on wind energy
What Does It Teach?

Wind Energy is a miniature wind turbine and works just like its larger cousin. The rotating blades of the turbine are converted to usable energy that you can measure using the voltmeter. The kit is great for experimentation and demonstration using renewable energy and wind power and kit can also be used in advanced situations to show the physics of a wind turbine It also teaches fundamentals of reasoning and deduction as you attempt to make the best turbine.

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