Table Tricks

Everyone is stuffed...it's time for some amazing table tricks!

Everyone is stuffed! The meatloaf was out of this world, the potatoes were cooked to perfection, the succotash was, well, succotash, and who would have ever thought that fried Jell-O with sausage gravy could be so tasty?! OK, OK, you’re falling asleep. So, what’s next?

Before you start on that pile of dirty dishes, create an awesome experiment by balancing those dirty forks… and don't feed the milk to the dog, create a symphony of color with it instead. Wake up Grandpa, put down the sponges and get ready for these amazing table tricks!

Table Trick Experiments & Videos:

What looks like a mess to everyone else actually provides the ingredients for the perfect after-dinner science laboratory. You're about to dazzle everyone with a collection of the most eye-catching, gee-whiz, how'd-you-do-that? science miracles anyone has ever seen.

Here are a few of our favorite table tricks…