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Science Fair Display Tips

Your display board is the first impression of your science fair project.

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Your display board is the first impression of your science fairproject. It is a display that tells the story of all your efforts.So keep it simple, very neat, and well organized. Here are 10 simpletips for making a great science fair display...

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1. Understand the Assignment - Stay within the guidelines and rules. Take the time to review all of the rules and requirements of the project before you get started.

2. Select an Interesting Topic - If the focus of your research excites you, it will most likely interest others… especially the judges!

3. Research and Organize - Gather all of your facts and materials, then make a rough sketch of your display.

4. Create a Powerful Title - Come up with an “Attention-Grabber” that will create interest and capture attention.

5. Make It Easy to Understand - Use clear subtitles and simple captions to make your point.

6. Make It Attractive - Use photos, illustrations, and 3-D objects to keep your display exciting and enticing to others.

7. Use Your Imagination - Paints, markers, crayons, and poster board will add impact to your display.

8. Know Your Facts - Prepare a well written and thoroughly researched report.

9. Review and Revise - Practice presenting your display to classmates, friends, and family.

10. Get a Good Night’s Rest - Remember that YOU are the most important part of the display. Only you can share your enthusiasm for the discoveries you’ve made.

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