Top 10 Creative Insta-Snow Ideas

Our top 10 expert tips for using incredible, fluffy Instant Snow!

Insta-Snow® powder is an experience unlike any other. You won't find a more realistic faux snow, and we're pretty sure it's one of the best ways you can find to keep cool, year-round. If you've purchased snow, recently, you may be wondering just how many things you can do with Insta-Snow. Great news! We've got 10 ideas listed below. We locked the Insta-Snow experts in a room and told them they couldn't come out until they shared all of their Insta-Snow ideas and secrets. Here's what they came up with…

Experiment Materials

1. Grow Snow in Your Hands

Insta-Snow isn't just fun to make in a cup… you can make this realistic and fluffy snow right in your hands. Just measure one blue scoop (included with all Insta-Snow kits) into your tightly-cupped hands and add water. Try to keep all of the powder and water in your hands, together. Before you can say, “Let it go!” your hands will be creating faux snow that's cool to the touch!

2. Create Colorful Rainbow Snow

Insta-Snow is a superabsorbent polymer. What's that mean? Water gets slurped up in droves, and any color that the water has will be absorbed, too! Whether you have some food coloring or a bag of our Fizzers Coloring Tablets, dye your water and watch the Insta-Snow become whatever color you created! (We recommend using Fizzers, since food coloring has a tendency to stain.)

3. Color Mixing Snow

Have you created a couple of colorful snow batches? Place them in layers inside of a clear container like a drinking glass or a test tube. In an hour, or so, the colors will start to blend! If you layered red and blue snow, you'll be creating purple snow. It's a great method to create the secondary colors from nothing but primary-colored snow.

4. Insta-Snowball

Trying to create a snowy sphere using Insta-Snow can be a bit tricky, unless you know the secrets! After you've made a batch of Insta-Snow, push it into a pile. Carefully pour a small amount of water into the middle of the Insta-Snow and cover the hole you create with more snow from around your pile. Gently slide your hand underneath the pile and scoop out your Insta-Snowball. CAREFUL! This Insta-Snowball is very fragile. If you want a little more permanence out of your snowball, stick that bad boy in the freezer!

5. Insta-Snowman

You learned how to make individual snowballs, now you can take it to the next level! Create 3 seperate snowballs and stack them on top of each other (after they've been frozen) and decorate your stack with items to turn plain snowballs into a magical, hippity-hoppity Frosty.

6. Year-round Snowy Decor

You don't have to wait for the winter months to create amazing displays using snow… especially when all you have to do is spray Insta-Snow with water to keep it moist. Whether you love trains, dolls or flowers, Insta-Snow provides and unique and realistic addition to your displays. Create realistic miniature scenes for dioramas, doll houses and train sets or create spring flower arrangements and Christmas wreaths. Insta- Snow retains moisture and helps keep your arrangements beautiful longer, too!

7. Powder Party

Annual holiday gatherings, office parties, and even scorching hot summer days provide excellent opportunities to scatter some Insta- Snow. Build a big pile of “snow” for your kids and their friends to play in, fill a kiddie pool with Insta-Snow and stage a playful snow splash, or Invite friends to a pre-season ski party in the middle of summer. We've even had parents hand out packets or tubes of Insta-Snow as a fun party favor.

8. Sensory Sensation

Insta-Snow is a one-of-a-kind sensory experience for kids of all ages, 6 to 76. It's no wonder Insta-Snow is hugely popular in sensory stations for kids. Create a batch of Insta-Snow and put it in a plastic tub, alongside other great sensory items like sand or clay, and let your youngsters play!

9. Picture Perfect Powder

Did you know that Insta-Snow is used by film makers and photographers to create realistic snow-covered scenes? Do it up! Create a big batch of snow and take photos, film something on your phones digital camera, or more. We've even heard of people putting on their swimsuits to take photos, creating a surreal scene that no one will believe.

10. Insta-Snow Freezer Flakes

Pour one blue scoop of Insta-Snow into a 1-liter soda bottle and fill the soda bottle with water (up to the bottom line). The Insta-Snow will oversaturate and float to the top of the water, but now it's time to place the bottle in the freezer for a few hours. Run warm water over the bottle to loosen the snowy star and use it for whatever you want! We've seen people use them as LED candle holders and float them in colored water. Just remember, don't put it in a liquid you're going to drink. It's non-toxic, but it doesn't taste very good.


That's just some of the ideas, but we're sure you can come up with even more!