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POW! Hydrogen and Oxygen

Combine two parts hydrogen with one part oxygen and you get water.

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Combine two parts hydrogen with one part oxygen and you get water. Oh, you also get a little energy released as well. POW! Unlike traditional hydrocarbon fuels, hydrogen and oxygen do not produce any bad byproducts for the environment. Steve Spangler shares his own unique twist on the hydrogen and oxygen demonstration in hopes of piquing your curiosity about this incredible, renewable source of energy. Be sure to watch the video and click on the links to learn more about fuel cells.


  • Hydrogen Bubbles - Exploding Bubbles
  • Steve Spangler on The Ellen Show February 2008
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You may have heard a lot recently about fuel cells. According to many news reports, we may soon be using the new energy-saving technology to generate electrical power for our homes and cars. The technology is extremely interesting to people in all walks of life because it offers a means of making power more efficiently and with less pollution. Learn how fuel cells work and the science behind this amazing technology.

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The experiment using hydrogen and oxygen was performed under strict supervision of safety officials and was intended for educational purposes only. Do not attempt to perform this demonstration!

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water from h and o Review by glenn ward

If this much energy is released in this experiment. How much energy was released in making all the water on the planet and could there have been enough free oxygen and hydrogen in earths atmosphere to make this happen. and if he answer is no then 99.999% of water formed off planet would have ended up in the sun

(Posted on October 24, 2011)

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