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Insta-Snow Classroom Kit

Make polymer science fun with the Insta-Snow Classroom Kit.


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Teachers from coast to coast continue to share their classroom connections and techniques for using our Insta-Snow powder as a teaching tool. With input from many teachers, we developed the Insta-Snow Classroom Kit as a tool for introducing students to physical reactions, polymer science, and the environmental benefits of superabsorbents.Insta-Snow Steps

Insta-Snow is an amazing polymer that turns ordinary water into a white fluffy substance that looks like real snow! Insta-Snow is the latest technology used by movie makers to create incredibly realistic snow scenes without the hassle of melting ice. Just add a little water and watch the white powder expand to 100 times its original size.

Insta-Snow powder is non-hazardous and environmentally safe. Recommended for students K-8 with adult supervision.

You get enough materials for a teacher demonstration and 24 individual portions of Snow!

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What's Included?

The kit includes supplies for 24 students working in groups...

  • 24 - 8 gram test tubes of Insta-Snow powder
  • 12 - 2 oz mixing cups
  • 12 - 1.5" petri dishes
  • 24 zipper-lock bags to store the snow
  • Teacher demo supplies
  • Activity guide
How Does It Work?

Insta-Snow® is an amazing superabsobent polymer that turns ordinary water into a white fluffy substance that looks like real snow! Insta-Snow is the latest technology used by movie makers to create incredibly realistic snow scenes without the hassle of melting ice. Just add a little water and watch the white powder expand to 100 times its weight in water.

What Does It Teach?

Students work in pairs as they use the scientific method to experiment with making the perfect batch of faux snow in a Petri dish. This small-scale approach gives the students the opportunity to repeat the experiment many times.

The Insta-Snow Experiment

Cool Ideas for Using Insta-Snow

Customer Reviews

Classroom activity Review by Nana

I bought this for my grandson's classroom to enjoy. What child does not love snow! This area very seldom sees snow. His teacher said it would be perfect for the winter curriculum. I wish I could send more things like this for his class as well as for the other grandchild when he enters kindergarten., but way too costly, especially with the shipping. Wonderful product (Posted on 1/28/15)

Great fun for boys and girls Review by Ursula Boudreau

I bought this classroom kit and the jelly worms kit for my son's birthday party. I brought foil pans and used the snow powder to make batches for kids to share. I added food coloring to the water to make pink and blue snow. The kids loved playing with their 'cotton candy snow.' I used the test tubes for teh goodie bags. I just put one in each of the baggies and added a mailing label with mixing instructions. One of the parents was so impressed he asked where I bought the kits from. I was more than happy to say 'Steve Spangler Science!' (Posted on 4/28/13)

Cool experiment Review by Michele Glover

My daughter picked several experiments for her birthday party. This was by far her favorite. The snow was fun to work with, and it did shrink back down to it's original size after a couple of days in the sun.

Our only issue was that we had a tough time getting the material out of some of the tubes and it was hard to control how much material came out of it. Would be nice if the tube had either an opening at the other end we could use to push the material out or something. (Posted on 3/13/13)

A White Christmas in Denver? Review by Janice Kinnin

The kids in our classroom had a great time with the insta-snow. They loved the feel of it as it expanded in their hands. The only challenge was getting the polymers out of the test tubes without a lot of banging, shaking and digging out with a popsicle stick. Sadly, that took away a lot of time from our experiment in the classroom. (Posted on 1/19/13)

Great Classroom Activfity Review by Stacey Holle

I bought this kit for my childs winter party at school. The kids were amazed that adding a little water to the powder produced indoor snow that they could play with and enjoy. The snow was quick and easy to make and realistically cold to the touch after a few minutes. Both adults and children enjoyed playing in large tubs of snow. I highly recommend this snow for any classroom activities. Although I purchased it as a fun party activity, it came with a science sheet that a teacher could use to teach about volume, polymers, and other science related topics. A great kit for people of all ages. (Posted on 12/28/12)

Feaux Sneaux aka Insta Snow Review by Ashley Lyle

In south Louisiana we call this stuff Feaux Sneaux. The kids absolutely love this stuff. I used it for a VBS activity. I put 1/2 tablespoon in one of those little togo ramekins you get sauces in at resturants and the kids added about 40mL of water and were amazed. The great thing about the togo ramekins is they came with lids so the kids got to take their snow home. They liked that part the best. Thanks for making this scientific polymer so readily avaliable. (Posted on 12/20/12)

amazing Review by Tammy McNamara

Did this for my sons 8th birthday and the kids went crazy. LOVE IT (Posted on 11/10/12)

Loved it Review by Lin Dushka

I purchased the Insta-snow for my Son's science project and we studied Super Absorbent Polymers. We purchased the class room kit and had the entire class participate in the experient. It was absolutely excellent and the kids loved it. They said he had the best project ever! Thank you so much. We look forward to next year. (Posted on 9/22/12)

Great Classroom Kit!!! Review by Shelly

Really loved this kit! Everything was in there for a great experience. Instructions were easy to read and use. Was EASY for 2nd graders! (Posted on 9/6/12)

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How much does it make?

You get enough materials for a teacher demonstration and 24 individual portions of Snow!

Warning - Choking Hazard



We are a funny company with lots of funny people working hard to make learning fun. But we take science very seriously at Steve Spangler Science. We thoroughly evaluate the safety aspects of all of our products prior to their use in the school or home. We also understand that safety is a mutual responsibility. All of our instructions detail the necessary procedures you must take in order to conduct the experiments in the safest manner possible. Is water safe? Yes and no... it all depends on how YOU use it. That’s why every safety data sheet tells you to “keep out of reach of young children” regardless of how safe the material might be.


We require all science experiments to be conducted under the supervision of an adult. Read and follow the safety instructions, the safety rules and the first aid information and keep them for reference. The incorrect use of chemicals can cause injury and damage to health. Adults should exercise discretion as to which experiments are suitable and safe for their children. The instructions should enable supervisors to assess any experiment to establish its suitability for a particular child. The supervising adult should discuss the warnings and safety information with the child or children before commencing the experiments. Particular attention should be paid to the safe handling of chemicals. The surrounding area should be kept clear of any obstructions and the contents of the activity kept away from food or food storage. The work space should be well lit, ventilated and close to a water supply.



This product is not considered to be a health risk. Sodium polyacrylate is the superabsorbent material used in disposable baby diapers. Keep away from eyes and mouth. Keep out of reach of young children.



EYES: Rinse immediately with water. Remove contact lenses if wearing any. Flush eyes with water for 15 minutes.

SWALLOWED: Rinse mouth. Drink a glassful of water or milk. Do not induce vomiting.

SKIN: This material is safe to touch. Rinse skin with water when finished.

DISPOSAL: This material is considered to be non-hazardous and environmentally safe. The finished product can be disposed of by normal means (in the trash) or dissolved with excess water. The snow product can also be mixed with dirt as a way to hold moisture in the soil. Insta-Snow will biodegrade in 90 days.


Do not put Insta-Snow down the drain. In the event of a clogged drain, add table salt and excess water to the snow to break down the polymer.


This toll-free number will put you in touch with the poison control center in your state.

WARNING: If your child has collapsed or is not breathing, call 911.

IMPORTANT: KEEP INSTA-SNOW® OFF WALKING SURFACES. The snow is extremely slippery when wet. Insta-Snow is a water-based product and should not be used directly on wood or moisture-sensitive surfaces without some sort of surface protection.

For additional information or to request a formal Material Safety Data Sheet, contact a customer service representative at (800) 223-9080.