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Fizz Factor Book

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Steve Spangler's book explores the properties of soda pop.

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Steve Spangler's book explores the science of soda pop. Uncover 50 soda pop secrets that are guaranteed to make you a soda pop aficionado. Fizz Factor teaches you how to conduct hands-on experiments, create incredible science fair projects, and amaze your dinner guests using one simple thing... soda pop. Each activity in the book comes complete with a scientific explanation and suggestions for additional experiments. Written in conjunction with Brian Rohrig.

Magic, science, practical jokes and more! Fizz Factor is overflowing with science fair project ideas for students, crazy stunts for parents, and solid classroom connections for teachers who want to add a little pop! to their science lessons. Recommended for children ages 6 and up.


What's Included?

The book is 8.5 x 11 inches, 96 pages, soft cover, perfect bound, overflowing with ideas guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing.

What Does It Teach?

Learn how to open a shaken can of soda without spilling a drop. Turn an ordinary bottle of soda into an amazing, erupting fountain. Learn how to keep the fizz in your soda longer. Use the power of air to crush an empty soda can. Measure the burping power of your favorite soda.

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What are some of the activities in the book?
There are enough amazing activities in this book to keep even the most restless minds entertained for quite some time.  The activities touch on areas of carbonation, density, volume, and just some plain old fun!  You’re kids will never look at soda pop the same way.

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  1. Great puddles of pop! review by Jeanne Kacprowicz on 4/2/2013

    We used this kit (and the website)to augment our school science fair project. It really made a difference! The kids enjoyed learning about the science of the soda geysers almost as much as they enjoyed making the geysers. We also learned that moving quickly at the end of a geyser means getting to drink from the geyser stream like it's a drinking fountain!

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