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On Monday we learned about a vulnerability in the encryption technology that effects most of the internet, called Heartbleed. Our team grabbed their lab coats and leaped into action to patch the vulnerability on our site.

We are happy to announce SteveSpanglerScience.com is no longer vulnerable.

While we believe we have kept out all the bad guys, we want to make sure our customer's information is safe. We are requiring that all of our customers change their password for their accounts on SteveSpanglerScience.com.

To do so, click the link below and enter in the email address associated with your account. Once you receive an email to that account, follow the simple instructions to reset your password.

Reset your password - https://www.stevespanglerscience.com/customer/account/forgotpassword/

If you have any questions on password resetting, please call our Customer Service team and they will be happy to help you. 1-800-223-9080

If you have any questions about the vulnerability please email security@SteveSpangler.com

As this did effect most of the internet, we also recommend that you change your passwords on all of the websites you visit.

Thank you for being an amazing customer!

-- The SteveSpanglerScience.com Team

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Creature Peeper Bug Magnifier

Get a closeup of insects with this two-way magnifier

Item #: WCPM-100

Usually ships the next day.

Recommended for age 4 to 5 with adult supervision.

Availability: In stock

Creature Peeper Bug Magnifier

There is no way around it… bugs are awesome! Want to get a closer look at those creepy crawlies? The Creature Peeper Bug Magnifier will let you be 3x closer than you can get with your naked eye. And you can see more than ever, including the underside of the bug!
It's true! The Creature Peeper Bug Magnifier is specially designed to let you use 3x magnification to see both the top and bottom of the bug. By using a magnifying lens on top of the viewing cone and a mirror and lens combination below, you can zoom in on both sides of the bug safely.
The Creature Peeper Bug Magnifier is constructed of durable plastic. That means youngsters can go out and gather bugs with little worry of breaking their magnifying apparatus. Don't limit their exploration to bugs though... anything that fits in the viewing cone can be magnified!

What's Included?
  • Creature Peeper Bug Magnifier
    • 4" base diameter
    • 2.5" base height
    • 3.5" viewing cone height
    • 6" total height
  • Plastic beetle replica
How Does It Work?

Using a magnifying lens at the top of the viewing cone, the Creature Peeper Bug Magnifier lets young entomologists (bug scientists) get a 3x magnified view of an object from above. From below, a combination of a magnifying lens and a mirror allow the same 3x view, but from below the object.

What Does It Teach?

Life isn't always about the big picture. Encouraging children to engage with and examine smaller objects will teach them that the beauty of science is in the details.

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