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Cow Magnet

Cow magnets are used to help prevent Hardware Disease in cattle.


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Item #: WMCW-100

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Recommended for age 8 and up with adult supervision.

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Cow Magnet

These super strong cow magnets have earned that name by saving countless cows from developing the dreaded hardware disease. How? The solid Alnico magnet is placed in a cow's first stomach to collect all of the metal objects that poor Bessie might accidentally eat. Cows just can't tell the difference between grass and nails. Ouch! Recommended for children ages 8 and up.

What's Included?
  • 1 Cow Magnet
    • Dimensions: 3" (7.6 cm) x 0.5" (1.3 cm)
How Does It Work?

Cow magnets are widely used by ranchers and dairy farmers to help prevent Hardware Disease in their cattle.

While grazing, cows eat everything from grass and dirt to nails, staples and bits of bailing wire (referred to as tramp iron).

Tramp iron tends to lodge in the honeycombed walls of the recticulum, threatening the surrounding vital organs and causing irritation and inflammation, known as Hardware Disease.

The cow loses her appetite and decreases her milk output (dairy cows), or her ability to gain weight (feeder stock). Cow magnets help prevent this disease by attracting stray metal from the folds and crevices of the rumen and recticulum.

One magnet works for the life of the cow!

Customer Reviews

Cow magnets Review by Bruce

I have always kept two. One on my shop door so friends can leave a note if I'm gone, like a refrigerator magnet, and one on my paper towel dispenser for general shop use. My under-3 grandaughter laughed and giggled trying to get them to touch together. It's a complete wonder to her and so was well worth their cost just for those moments for me to see her glee. (Posted on 10/27/14)

Great quality and many uses. Review by Marilyn (Bobbi) Gorman

Purchased this mainly for experiments with removing iron from cereal. Always very effective with the right cereal product. Of course the magnet makes a useful tool around the house for lost metal objects. (Posted on 4/12/14)

No sewing box should be with out on! Review by Denise Gonzales

I have kept a cow magnet in my sewing basket for years to pick up stray needles or pins that may drop on the tile floor or carpet. It picks up pins much quicker than my eyes can spot them. In a pinch it works like a pin cushion to hold my pins in one place. (Posted on 4/3/13)

Second Grade Hit Review by Nancy Hammond

Virginia Standards of Learnning include the uses of many different kinds of magnets and the cow magnet is truly one that amazes my students (and me, too!). So glad to have one that can bring this to a hands-on (minus the actual cow) experience! (Posted on 3/23/13)

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