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Clear Spring Scales

Measure force or mass with these easy to read and use spring scales

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Product Name Price Qty
Clear Spring Scale 500g/5n - Green

Item #: WSCL-200

Clear Spring Scale 250g/2.5n - Blue

Item #: WSCL-150

Clear Spring Scale 1000g/10n - Brown

Item #: WSCL-250

Clear Spring Scale 2000g/20n - Red

Item #: WSCL-300

Clear Spring Scale 3000g/30n - Tan

Item #: WSCL-350

Clear Spring Scale 5000g/50n - Yellow

Item #: WSCL-400

Set of 6 Clear Spring Scales

Item #: WSCL-500


Usually ships the next day.

Recommended for age 4 to 5 with adult supervision.

Availability: In stock

Clear Spring Scales

It isn't always convenient or practical to use an electronic scale. You may not have access to an outlet, you may be out of batteries, or you might be conducting experiments away from your lab. When an electronic scale isn't going to cut it, try our Clear Spring Scales. These Clear Spring Scales can measure up to 5000 grams (5kg) of mass or 50 Newtons of force and don't require an electricity source of any kind. These Clear Spring Scales are small enough to fit in your backpack (or even a fanny pack) and are constructed of durable plastic and metal parts.

What's Included?
  • Set of 6 Spring Scales
    • 250 g / 2.5 N capacity
    • 500 g / 5 N capacity
    • 1 kg / 10 N capacity
    • 2 kg / 20 N capacity
    • 3 kg / 30 N capacity
    • 5 kg / 50 N capacity
  • One individual Spring Scale

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