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Ceramic Bar Magnets (Pack of 10)

The classic magnet you remember playing with as a kid.


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Ceramic Bar Magnets (Pack of 10)

When you think of a magnet, most people recall playing with a ceramic magnet as a kid. These charcoal gray magnets measure 22 mm x 47 mm x 10 mm (approximately 0.9" x 2" x 0.4"). It's important to remember that ceramic magnets are quite brittle and can chip easily. These are the same magnets that we use for the Eating Nails for Breakfast activity. Recommended for children ages 8 and up.

What's Included?
  • 10 Ceramic Bar Magnets 22 mm x 47 mm x 10 mm (approximately 0.9" x 2" x 0.4")

Customer Reviews

Ceramic Bar Magnets Review by Jake Gehrke

These worked well for experiements in class. They are a bit fragile though. If they slam together from the magnetic force, they can chip and break easily. (Posted on 4/8/13)

Ceramic magnets Review by Chuck

Ceramic magnets, unlike metallic magnets, don't rust; so they're good for outdoor applications. I use them to secure the canvas covers that I put on the outsides of my room air-conditioners for the winter. These covers need help because house is in a very windy location. Gale-force wind is frequent. If a cover is not _thoroughly_ "nailed down," then it flaps, vibrates, loosens and balloons in a stiff breeze. I distribute about 40 magnets around the top, bottom, end, and both sides of each a/c. I use ceramic magnets also to secure the cover on our Weber patio grill. (Posted on 2/17/13)

Work as intended Review by Ann

I purchased these for a science club for kindergarten - 2 graders with the idea that they were inexpensive enough for me to send home with the kids. They worked as intended but fortunately we talked about the very real dangers of swallowing magnets before hand. The children dropped the magnets and they chipped corners off. If I was to do it over again I might try reinforcing the magnets by wrapping the edges with a layer of electrical tape. (Posted on 2/1/13)

Magnets Review by Melanie Craig

They worked great for Eating Nails for Breakfast. My students really enjoyed them. (Posted on 1/10/13)

Not really strong enough Review by Jessie Sapp

I bought 2 sets of these for the "nails for Breakfast" experiment for my classroom so that each child could have a chance to use the magnet but luckily I tried the experiment beforehand (since I was being graded on it). These magnets showed very little movement in the cereal and i couldnt get the iron to collect. I bought one of the stronger magnets from your site along with these and had no problem using that magnet for the experiment so I just ordered a couple more of the stronger ones and will have to do the experiment in groups instead of individually. (Posted on 12/5/12)

Great Product Review by Angela Page

I think your magnet products with the magnet demonstration book is great. I can use these demonstrations to add more excitement to my science lessons. As soon as I received the materials, the next day the students were using the ceramic bar magnets to complete an investigation. However, one of the bar magnets out of a set of ten was chipped during the student investigation. The student said it was dropped and I know from first-hand experiences that students are not delicate with equipment. I am surprised though that the ceramic bar magnet was chipped a big chunk. I also ordered the book of 25 experiments which is also in good use. Thank You for the availability of your products and I look forward to ordering in the future. (Posted on 10/25/12)

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  • Can I get less than 10?
    No, these magnets are only sold in packages of 10.
  • Are these strong enough for the experiments on your site?
    We generally use these magnets for the “Eating Nails for Breakfast” experiment. A lot of the other experiments on our website require the use of the neodymium magnet.
  • What is the magnetic measurement?
    The official magnetic measurement is a grade of 5 and a gauss reading of 1,200.

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