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Bubble Science

The science behind those soapy spheres that float and pop… bubbles!

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If you truly want to learn about the science of bubbles, this is the kit you want. Our resident bubble-ologists give the Bubble Science kit their highest rating: 5 out of 5 bouncing bubbles! Along with all the bubble-blowing materials you could ever want, you'll also receive a 48-page, full-color manual to guide you during your bubbling adventures.

Blow giant bubbles, mini-bubbles, bubbles within bubbles, chains of bubbles, and bubble blankets… more bubbles than you can shake a bubble wand at! Make geometrically-shaped bubbles, bubble domes, roofs, and bridges. The amount of bubble-blowing science fun you can have is practically endless!

Young scientists won't just be conducting experiments, they'll be engaging in an experience. The Bubble Science kit has a unique hands-on approach that teaches young scientists how to think, not what to think. Through hours of discovery during the 29 individual activities, kids will be well on their way to becoming bubble-ologists themselves. Recommended for children ages 9 and up.

What's Included?
  • 8.4 oz (250 mL) PUSTEFIX bubble concentrate
  • 8 connector balls
  • 2 long rods
  • 12 short rods
  • Large bubble ring
  • Plastic bubble tray
  • Toy car
  • Two measuring cups
  • Plastic funnel
  • Colored paper
  • Drinking straws
  • 48-page, full-color experiment manual
What Does It Teach?

Budding scientists will learn about the history of soap bubbles, how to mix the perfect bubble solution, the physics behind surface tension, tons of ways to blow bubbles, and so much more. Kids will see for themselves why these elegantly simple structures of soap, water, and air are still studied by scientists, modeled by mathematicians, imitated by architects, and used as inspiration by artists.

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