Rural Teacher Turned Rockstar!

Pam Bishop is an amazing elementary teacher from a rural town in Northwest Georgia. With 28 years of teaching under her belt, she’s at the “expert” stage of the education profession. We recently met up at a workshop in Atlanta and she shared this story…

>I am an elementary science lab teacher in Chatsworth, Georgia. For several years I approached my ever-changing county Superintendent with the request to let me start an elementary science lab. And, every year I was told that there was no funds available. So, I continued to find the time to teach science daily to my third graders. Then, in the spring of 2003 I was fortunate enough to be chosen as the Northwest Georgia Youth Science and Technology Teacher of the Year. With this recognition came a little $, plaque, and a luncheon. My new Curriculum Director, and new Superintendent was invited to attend. Again, I presented my request to start an elementary lab. No Funds! However, one of the gentlemen at the luncheon was on the board at a local college and overheard my request. He suggested that I come by and talk to the president of the college. Surprise! I received a call from my principal and was told that I would be teaching in a science lab in the fall.

>This is the second year of a every successful program. I conduct a hands- on science lab to third and fourth graders at two elementary schools. I love it! But better than that my students love science! They can’t wait until it’s there scheduled time. I have no discipline problems. It is rewarding to say the least when a parent comes up to you in the grocery store and says, “So you’re the science lady that my child talks about. We have learned so much science this year.” I have parents to call or write to me and ask me their personnal science questions. I receive calls, notes, and comments daily from parents about how much their children love science. Let’s just say I love my job! Both myself and my students are making new science discoveries daily. It’s great.

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